Alisson Wood – Copy Editor


Professionally, Alisson has coached young writers, facilitated gender-specific teen programs, and written grants for AmeriCorps and Boys & Girls Clubs programs.

Alisson has taken creative non-fiction and poetry workshops through Ashbery Home School, Poet’s House in New York City, and the NYU McGhee Writing Intensive. She is currently studying Creative Writing & Literature at NYU and completing a memoir.

Her editing pushes me to defy my own boundaries in writing.  She finds ways to get me to dig deeper, assisting me through expressing my thoughts with clarity.

Click here to read her New York Times published essay.

Adam Houston – Photographer


A native of Central Ohio,  Adam found his passion for dance through generating and creating movement. Adam was grateful to be able to teach and choreograph around the Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus area. After secretly borrowing his sister’s camera he stumbled upon the thrill of being behind a camera and capturing moments in the raw.  Mr. Houston now resides in New York City pursuing both dance and photography, and catching a few laughs along the way.

His artistic eye for fun and photography has helped bring this blog to life.  His work creates images that seamlessly correlate with my blog posts.

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Rose Lockinger – Contributor


Rose is a passionate member of the recovery community.  A rebel who found her cause, she uses blogging and social media to raise awareness about the disease of addiction.  She is a single mom to two beautiful children and has learned that parenting is the most rewarding job in the world.  Rose is currently the Outreach Director at Stodzy Internet Marketing.  You can find her on LinkedIn, Facebook, & Instagram. Read her essays, Eating Disorders and Addiction and A Mother’s Battle with Addiction.

Rich Binning –  Contributor


Rich is a New York actor who currently resides in Las Vegas with an open ended residency starring in the comedy show “Puppetry of the Penis“, which he has toured the world with since 2009.  Throughout his time with Puppetry, Rich has taken breaks from penile puppeteering to pursue musical theatre in productions of Spamalot, Anything Goes and How to Succeed at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina.  He is a multi-marathoner, a chess coach, a wedding reception enthusiast, and he proudly has over 3 years of continued sobriety. Read his essay, Blackouts & Bourbon.

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Becca Jade is a 22 year old New Yorker.  She is currently studyinBeccag Business Administration and working towards spreading Trichotillomania awareness and ending the stigma. Support her mission by following her on Instagram. Read her essay, Living with Trichotillomania.