NYC’s Latest Sober-Friendly Hot Spot: Pure Leaf Tea House

One of the many things I love about being sober in New York City is getting to experience fun new places like Pure Leaf TeaHouse in SoHo (on the corner of Greene & Spring). This trendy spot offers tasty tea drinks, a serene ambiance, and unique tea blends exclusive to its location.

For the first round, I ordered an Iced Berry Hibiscus: a puree of fresh berries, garnished with (edible!!!) flowers. My friend ordered an Iced Mint Mojito: a tea based version of the classic mojito, shaken with freshly squeezed lime juice and a few sprigs of mint.

Iced Berry Hibiscus & Iced Mint Mojito

We sat in one of several cozy spots while catching up and of course, taking lots of photos of our drinks. We unfortunately discovered that the edible flowers look better than they taste. Thankfully, the funky taste of the flowers didn’t alter the flavor of the yummy drink.

Iced Berry Hibiscus

For round two we decided to try some of the hot drinks. First up was the Popcorn Tea. This Genmaicha blend was served while steeping, along with a sand tea timer. Three minutes later – when the sand reached the bottom – we knew the tea was ready to pour. Bonus: it also came with a small side of sweet and salty popcorn dusted with matcha powder. Next up was the Golden Chai – AKA the best chai tea I’ve ever had. In a mortar and pestle, the mixologist grounded fresh turmeric, ginger, and clove to serve as the base of the drink. He topped it off with steamed milk and an anise star.

Golden Chai & Genmaicha with Popcorn  

Priced between $6-$8, these may seem like pricey tea drinks, but they’re absolutely worth it. Back in my party girl days I never thought twice when it came to dropping cash on a round of beers, so I’ll apply the same rule of thumb here: TREAT YOSELF!

PureLeaf TeaHouse is a unique hybrid of an upscale cafe and a chill bar. It’s well-lit with zen vibes and the friendly mixologists seem to actually enjoy their job. This is definitely a place that I’ll frequent over the summer. I just wish it was a permanent spot instead of a temporary pop-up.

Tawny Lara is the founder of SobrieTea Party. She writes about being sober in New York City and hosts sober socializing events.

Photographer: Eddison Brown (@edify_fit)

Photo Location: SoHo, Manhattan


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  1. Airlia

    This sounds so cool, but I couldn’t help but think with all of that tea you must’ve had to run to the loo just as much as you would at a bar. Hahahaha!

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