My Evolution from Drunk, Misinformed Voter to Sober, Empowered Voter

Stoner Liberal to Binge Drinking Conservative to Sober Democrat

For nearly 15 years, I self-medicated my depression and anxiety with drugs and alcohol. While dealing with the narcissism of depression and the side effects of substance abuse, I was too self-absorbed to empathize with anyone’s problems that didn’t directly involve me. That included my family, friends, and especially politics. Now that I’m almost a year sober, my growth as a person has amplified my political awareness. I always kind of knew who I was politically, but I was easily swayed into other camps – just like I was easily swayed by any drug or drink that crossed my path.

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Copy Editor: Alisson Wood

2 thoughts on “My Evolution from Drunk, Misinformed Voter to Sober, Empowered Voter

  1. Colin Chatburn

    if i had put my thoughts/actions/beliefs in to would have been nigh on identical.during my 32 years of substance abuse(alcohol is a drug,but thats a whole other argument) i was a nasty,nasty right in recovery i find that i am hardcore/ultra orthodox liberal/scottish nationalist(lovely careing nationalism-with heaps of social justice..
    one might conclude that drugs make you a very nasty person in more ways than one.
    thanks for that piece it was brilliant.certainly cemented a few of my ideas.thanks

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