Manifest & Chill: Advice from Gabby Bernstein

I’m currently in the process of a spiritual cleansing.  I’m removing things from my plate that no longer satisfy my appetite. This unintentional cleanse started on December 1st when my body, tired of waiting on permission from my mind, decided I needed to stop drinking.  It showed up again last week when I realized music journalism was a hobby, not a passion.  Now it’s encouraging me to be present to the moment instead of maniacally manifesting the next.

If you’ve met me, you know I’m obsessed with passionate about goal setting.  I’ve probably asked you about what goals you’re currently working towards, if you’ve made a vision board, and how I can help.

My fascination with goals started about a year and a half ago when I moved from Waco to The Woodlands (North Houston), and began working for lululemon.  I was finally surrounded by other people talking about clean eating, yoga, and meditation.  Growing up in a small town in Texas, the word “meditation” was taboo, so I didn’t tell many people that I was doing it.

Working for lululemon taught me the art of goal setting.  My manager asked me to visualize my life ten years in the future, then break this vision down into steps in order to achieve it.  This concept was a huge turn off for me.  I found it overwhelming, intimidating, and pointless.  I finally played along and wrote out my goals for one year, five years, and ten years.  As I started accomplishing some of the goals I had set, I realized there was something to this whole “writing it down” thing.  It.  Was.  On.  I began to preach the gospel of goal setting.  I’d ask everyone about their goals while stressing the importance of writing them down.  I am was pretty annoying about it…sorry y’all.

Another life changing philosophy I learned at lululemon was the concept of living in possibility.  This means living your life as if your wildest dreams are already coming true.  Removing destructive thoughts can create the space for opportunity to come your way.  This very idea was all that I needed to buy a one way ticket to New York City.  I had no idea what was going to happen once I landed, but I believed in myself, my writing, and in possibility.

Shortly after moving here, I became the music editor for NY Yoga + Life Magazine.  My interview series, Rock Star Goals, will appear in their upcoming spring issue.  Writing for this magazine allows me to attend spiritual events and yoga classes all over Manhattan.  This week, I was lucky enough to attend a talk about the Power of Hope, led by Gabrielle Bernstein.

Gabby’s talk was about how, at one point, she was a “manic manifester”, meaning she would go crazy over visualizing, vision boards, and controlling every aspect of how she could get to her next goal.  (Sound familiar?)  She stressed an important part of the goal setting process: trusting yourself and letting it go.  She even told someone in the audience to – gasp! – burn her vision board because she was obsessing over it.  She told us simply, “Manifest and Chill”.  If you want to see a few minutes of her talk, click here.

I, too, am a Manic Manifester.  I’m so focused on creating, visualizing, and planning what’s next that I forget to experience what’s going on right now.  The last time I manifested and let it go was when I moved here.  I trusted myself and New York and it worked out beautifully.

There are times when I sit down on a Sunday night to reflect on the past week and I can’t remember a single thing that I ate, attended, or wore because I’m constantly working on my next step.   I finally took a step back and realized that I’m involved in too many things and I’m doing them all half-assed.  I have countless works in progress because I can’t focus on finishing one .  It’s exhausting.  Emotionally.  Mentally.  Physically.  Financially.  I’m so tired.  Hence, my need for a spiritual cleansing.

If I was still drinking, I probably would have dismissed the powerful message of “Manifest and Chill”.  My mind is sobering up and I’m finally thinking clearly.  I left Gabby’s talk feeling empowered to be the best me that I can be….right now.  I will continue to make vision boards and set goals, but I will no longer allow my future to get in the way of my present.

Copy Editor: Alisson Wood


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