Visualizing 2016

New Year’s Eve was always one of my favorite holidays because getting hammered is encouraged.  It was an excuse to dress up and throw down.  People who didn’t celebrate the same way I did were “boring” and I avoided them at all costs.

As of today, January 1st, I have officially been sober for one month.  Perhaps a month of clarity guided me towards a clean way to ring in the new year: creating a vision board.

When I told people what I was doing for New Year’s Eve, I got a lot of questions.  I took these questions and put together a guide to show you what a vision board is and how you can make one, too.  It’s not too late to create your own vision board for 2016!


Question: “What is a vision board?”

Think Pinterest – You already have boards with photos of your dream wedding and food you plan to cook.  A physical vision board takes it to the next level.  I’m living proof that there’s magic in the hand-to-paper method of creating.  Much of my 2015 vision board came to life in ways I couldn’t have imagined.  I had photos of travel, musicians, and movement.  I ended up traveling Europe, meeting two of those musicians (Slash and Lindsey Buckingham), and moving to New York City – all within the first 6 months!

Question: “Why would I want to make a vision board?”

You know those thoughts that you have in your head?  “One day, I’ll travel to Europe”,”One day, I’ll make fitness a priority”,”One day, I’ll quit my job and start my own business”,”One day I’ll write a book”.   Choose one or two of those thoughts and really hone in on them.  Visualize them.  Find photos and words that bring them to life.  This is step one of turning “one day” in “this year”.

Question: “What supplies do I need?”

  • Poster Board
  • Magazines
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick


  • Coffee
  • Snacks
  • NetFlix
  • Scrapbook Paper (If you’re feeling fancy)
  • Cat



Question: “How do I get started?”

1. Don’t Think….Just Cut!

Clip the photos and words that inspire you – even if you don’t know why they inspire you.  I chose phrases from ads, words from articles, photos of artists, and images of tea.

2. Identify a Focal Point

What is one goal/New Years Resolution/habit you want to break more than anything else this year?  Choose that and place it in the center of your board.  My focal point is SobrieTea and sober.


3. If You Can’t Find it….Create it

Looking through magazines like People and Rolling Stone, I didn’t find every word I needed, so I created them by cutting out random letters and placing them together to spell what I want.

4. Frame Your Focal Point

Think of a photo that is professionally framed.  The framer strategically created the frame to support the beauty of the photo, not distract from it.  Apply this thought to your vision board.  You want your frame to support your focal point.  Literally, how can your “frame” help you get to your main goal?  My frame includes yoga, motivational quotes, and musicians I look up to.  A regular yoga practice helps me stay balanced and focused.  Motivational quotes keep me inspired.  Musicians like Jack White and Bob Dylan inspire me to create.

5. Have Fun

While creating a vision board is a powerful tool in manifesting your dreams, don’t take it (or yourself!) too seriously.  Among words like “sober” and “spend a little, say a lot,” my board also has a photo of a giant cookie in the bottom right hand corner reminding me to indulge.  I also included a photo of Andy Samberg, reminding me to laugh.  This exercise is supposed to be fun – not stressful.


Question: “What do I do with my vision board?”

Put this board somewhere visible so it can inspire you daily.  Hang it on the wall.  Take a photo of it and make it your wallpaper on your phone  Post a photo of it on Instagram.  Text the photo to people that you know will keep you accountable and support your goals.

Now it’s your turn!  I want to see your vision board – Even if it’s just a sticky note with your vision hand-written in the center.  Facebook, Instagram, or Tweet me a photo and tag me @SobrieTeaParty.


Copy Editor: Alisson Wood

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