Hi.  I’m Tawny and I have a drinking problem.  Sobriety is something I’ve been flirting with on and off for awhile.  Last year, I was sober for three months, but my heart wasn’t completely in it.  I even wrote this article for Elite Daily about how three months of sobriety changed my life and led me to a healthy relationship with alcohol, but my heart wasn’t completely in that either.

That article was published in April 2015.  In June, I sold nearly everything I owned, quit my job, packed two suitcases, and moved to New York City.    I didn’t know anyone here and I had no idea where I was going to live, but I knew I wanted to pursue my writing career.  That was the only certainty I needed.

Now it’s December and I’m finally in my New York groove.  I was lucky enough to find a lovely roommate, inspiring coworkers, and I’m writing for three New York based magazines.  Not bad for 6 months and no plan!

Since moving to New York City, my binge drinking episodes have come few and far between, but they are still lingering.  With this blog, I hope to figure out why I drink the way that I do.  I also hope to help people understand that addictions are like fingerprints:  They are different on everyone.

I don’t look or act like someone who struggles with addictive behavior because many people don’t know what addictive behavior even looks like.  In movies, an addict is often portrayed as imbalanced, strung out, and doing anything they can for their next fix – this formula doesn’t work for all of us.  I don’t drink daily; sometimes I’ll even go weeks without it.  My problem is simply an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.  When I’m in the mood to drink…it’s on.  I can easily toss back a bottle of Jack Daniels and chase it with bad decisions.

As a 30th birthday present to myself, I’m giving up alcohol for an entire year.  Instead of chugging whiskey, I’ll be sipping tea and writing about my journey.

If you want to follow my journey towards SobrieTea, feel free to sign up to receive emails when I publish something new.  Until then…cheers to swapping out booze for tea in NYC.

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12 thoughts on “SobrieTea

  1. Tracy Buchle

    Tawny I had no idea that you were in NY city. I am very proud of you and hope that this journey works. I have an alcoholic for a brother who told me he was going to detox on 12/23/15 in which he did not. His excuse was he didn’t want to miss Christmas. Well since we had our Christmas 2 weeks before and he didn’t show up or call…..he missed Christmas. I personally have never drank because of all the alcoholics in my family as well as my dad losing his life at the age of 21 due to the stuff. I wish you the best of luck and o am sharing your blog with my brother! Love ya and I know you will do great! Tracy Buchle (Former Titan Zumba student)

  2. Erica Lewis

    I love how authintic you are about this. I have an addiction also, which happens to be food, Sugar mainly. And I am desiring a sugar free life one day, but it is hard. I would be honored to follow you along your journey. I love the name! You are in my thoughts and I will be praying for you this next year. You are BRAVE and you are BOLD! I’m so happy our lives have crossed paths. Blessings to you lovely!!!

    • Tawny

      Erica, thanks so much for your words of support! Addictions are the same no matter what the substance is…whether it’s food, alcohol, or drugs. Let me know how I can help YOU! xoxo

  3. charles cameron

    nothin better than a tall glass of iced tea dear, take it from someone who has drank beer everyday since i was 17 and had my last one in 2011. no help, just no more

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