Sober in The Big Apple

In the Fall of 2014, I was living in The Woodlands, Texas and I gave up drinking for three months.  It was relatively simple; I just chose other activities instead of going out.  I soon got bored of sobriety and eventually went back to dating Jack Daniels.

Fast forward to Winter 2015, I’m living in New York City and I’ve committed to giving up booze for a full year.  The first three weeks were great because sobriety was fun and new.   Now, reality has set in and it’s pretty rough.  I’ve been sober for seven weeks and I’m struggling.  I’m struggling pretty damn bad, actually.  Abstaining from alcohol is easy.  I have no problem saying no to a drink or avoiding social gatherings centered around alcohol.  The hard part is a newfound awareness of my true self.  I feel like a teenager going through puberty.  I’m emotional. I’m stressed out.  I’m anxious.  For 15 years, my subconscious sent me to drink and do drugs to suppress these feelings.  Now these emotions are coming to fruition and it’s as if I’m feeling all of them for the first time. Sobriety wasn’t this hard when I did it last Fall in Texas. Continue reading “Sober in The Big Apple”

Manifest & Chill: Advice from Gabby Bernstein

I’m currently in the process of a spiritual cleansing.  I’m removing things from my plate that no longer satisfy my appetite. This unintentional cleanse started on December 1st when my body, tired of waiting on permission from my mind, decided I needed to stop drinking.  It showed up again last week when I realized music journalism was a hobby, not a passion.  Now it’s encouraging me to be present to the moment instead of maniacally manifesting the next.

If you’ve met me, you know I’m obsessed with passionate about goal setting.  I’ve probably asked you about what goals you’re currently working towards, if you’ve made a vision board, and how I can help. Continue reading “Manifest & Chill: Advice from Gabby Bernstein”

Visualizing 2016

New Year’s Eve was always one of my favorite holidays because getting hammered is encouraged.  It was an excuse to dress up and throw down.  People who didn’t celebrate the same way I did were “boring” and I avoided them at all costs.

As of today, January 1st, I have officially been sober for one month.  Perhaps a month of clarity guided me towards a clean way to ring in the new year: creating a vision board.

When I told people what I was doing for New Year’s Eve, I got a lot of questions.  I took these questions and put together a guide to show you what a vision board is and how you can make one, too.  It’s not too late to create your own vision board for 2016! Continue reading “Visualizing 2016”