Fuck New Year's Resolutions

Fuck New Year’s Resolutions

Fuck new year’s resolutions. Yes I said it. This is the time of year when people often set audacious goals and “commit” to changing a significant part of their lifestyle. That’s cool and all, but I’ve rarely followed through with resolutions in the past. Then I’d beat myself up for not following through while dealing with even more feelings of guilt and shame and not enough-ness.

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Manifest & Chill: Advice from Gabby Bernstein

I’m currently in the process of a spiritual cleansing.  I’m removing things from my plate that no longer satisfy my appetite. This unintentional cleanse started on December 1st when my body, tired of waiting on permission from my mind, decided I needed to stop drinking.  It showed up again last week when I realized music journalism was a hobby, not a passion.  Now it’s encouraging me to be present to the moment instead of maniacally manifesting the next.

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