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We Made a Documentary!

My friend, B. Rae, and I made a documentary about recovery! I want you all to know that B. Rae did 99% of this work. This film would not have been possible without her vision, dedication, and commitment to this project.

Tawny B. Rae Recovery Sobriety Fixed Up

Check out our short film, Fixed Up. For additional information on this project, the press release can be read below.



Recovery Documentary, “Fixed Up”

This film explores the evolution of two women in recovery.

New York City – January 11, 2018

This short documentary follows two sober women, B.Rae Perryman and Tawny Lara, as they discuss their past issues with substance abuse and mental illness. They both open up to share their personal stories of depression, anxiety, insecurities, and how they work hard every day to overcome these challenges by living a sober lifestyle.

Both B. Rae and Tawny are from the same hometown of Waco, Texas, but they never met face to face until they collaborated on this documentary. Coming from common backgrounds, both women serve the recovery community in drastically different ways. Tawny is a blogger who writes about being sober in New York City and hosts sober social events like her reading series, Readings on Recovery. B. Rae is an advocate for reforming drug policy and therapeutic arts engagements in Washington D.C.

This film also features perspectives from B. Rae’s friends, Tawny’s father, and licensed therapist, Megan Torres. These women collaborated on this film to shine a light on the typically dark, stigmatized subjects of substance abuse and addiction. This video essay is recommended  for anyone interested in the lives of two recovering party girls from the “Fixer Upper” town of Waco, Texas and the sober lives they now live on the East Coast.


Starring & Produced by:

B. Rae

Tawny Lara

Edited & Directed by:

B. Rae


Casey Shepard

Megan Torres

Dave Starr

Joseph Roberts


This film is dedicated to filmmakers’ hometown, Waco, Texas and their work in the recovery community.


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Tawny Lara


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  1. Cam

    So so so so so good. I love the discussions and openness around recovery and substance abuse. We are all in recovery and acknowledging where we are and our relationship to substance is only the beginning. Thank you both for this tremendous piece of art. I’m certain this will receive excellent feedback. Cheers ladies!

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